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Our partners for Emergency Medical Assistance. We strongly recommend that you take the optional cover for the duration of your motorbike Adventure in Namibia.
You will also need to have your overseas medical insurance in place, however, Helixtract will be quickest way to get you to the hospital in case of a life-threatening situation.

HeliXtract Namibia understands how easy it can be to be caught up in a potentially life-threatening situation.  
Given the mostly inhospitable terrain and vast distances, chances are good that timely help might not reach a person in distress.
Established Emergency Medical Evacuation facilities to a large extent consists of a road Ambulance and fixed wing Aircraft Emergency Services.
Clearly this is not sufficient, since well-equipped Medical Centres are widespread over the country.  
We firmly believe in what is referred to in medical terms as the Golden Hour, implicating that chances for survival drastically reduce after the first hour after an accident occurred.

It is thus clear that a Helicopter Emergency Rescue and Evacuation Service in Namibia is imperative in an attempt to ensure that visitors to Namibia stand the best chance to receive the best Medical Care in case of and Emergency.
 HeliXtract Namibia prides itself on a fleet of 6 dedicated Emergency Medical Evacuation Rescue Helicopters, supported by 2 Jet aircraft, stationed strategically throughout Namibia.  We are always ready to respond to any emergency call at any time of the day or night, on any given day of the year.
Our helicopters are equipped with all the necessary medical equipment to ensure your best chance for survival en-route to any Medical Centre. We only employ the most skilled pilots, who are able to come to your rescue in any circumstances possible.
We therefore urge all visitors to Namibia to ensure that they join HeliXtract Namibia timely, and rest assured that we will have their back if something unexpected happens. Kindly refer to our on-line Membership Application and Secure Payment Facility on our website.

Alternatively, ask NamiBike Adventure to register you with us BEFORE you start your Motorbike Adventure in Namibia.